Plant alternatives that are rich in protein and starch

Plant alternatives and imitation meat, soups and sauces, meat products, bakery and biscuit products, extruded products, protein bars, gluten-free products…

The proteins and starches produced from pulses made by UFAB have a wide range of applications and are functional, innovative, healthy, vegetarian products.

Various presentations

  • Expanded starches: crispy or crunchy
  • Textured pea or faba bean protein : texture, absorption, neutrality
  • Flours rich in protein and starch or whole flours

Product advantages

  • Low fat
  • Rich in protein and fibre
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Organic

The range of organic ingredients made from French peas and faba beans

UFAB’s range of ingredients comes from organic French peas and  faba beans. They will enrich your preparations with protein, fibre and high amylopectin content starch.

Raw material at the heart of our know-how

Organic peas and faba beans are harvested from different production regions in France. To ensure a regular supply, UFAB also produces its own organic crops.

A respectful manufacturing process

Pea and faba bean flours are produced in France and obtained mechanically with no heating, solvents or enzymes.

About us

Since 1972, UFAB has relied on strong values for agriculture that respects nature, people and animals.

Traditionally partnering organic farmers, UFAB uses its know-how to select the best seeds and growing areas for producing organic pulses.

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